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Week Farm Project: Extension until Mid October!

Welcome to the Biodynamic Land Trust Website. We are a charitable community benefit society, established to secure land into trust for healthy and sustainable farming and gardening. Let's secure land into trust together, for a working and living countryside. Our current share offer is for the Land at Week, near Dartington. This is a unique opportunity to secure this land for a sustainable mixed farm with an emphasis on education and community involvement.


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"In the topsoil lies the basis of civilisation"

on Thu, 10/09/2014 - 11:02

A fascinating profile of the pioneer biodynamic-organic farmer, the late Alan Brockman, following a form of holistic and sustainable agriculture. Brockman approached biodynamics as agriculture which was "spiritual not wacky". An invaluable watch.


A Biodynamic Beacon Farm Neighbour at Huxham's Cross?

on Thu, 10/02/2014 - 10:17


Andre Tranquillini’s biodynamic school garden at Hood Manor is a beacon.  Rudolf Steiner, biodynamics and Steiner education founder,  would have welcomed this  practical, learning by doing approach that connects children with nature, for life.

Building on this, there is  the exciting prospect of  a newbiodynamic beacon farm neighbour to the School- just up the cyclepath to Totnes, on land between Huxham’s Cross and Week.  Farm benefits will include apprenticeships, training courses and biodynamic food.

Marina O’Connell, lead farmer of the Apricot Centre team, aims to develop a

Stories and Relationships in the Land at Week

on Wed, 10/01/2014 - 07:47

Last Sunday was balmy and still, and perfect for a morning walk. ‘Green Lanes’ expert Val Belsey took a small group through Week and up through 36 acres of land above the village. The event was to tell stories of people’s relationship with this land through time.



The event was set up by Mark O’Connell of the Apricot Centre for Sustainable Living and the Gabriel Kaye of the Biodynamic Land Trust (BDLT) who are working to raise community shares to secure this land for sustainable farming and wellbeing projects for the future.