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Welcome to the Biodynamic Land Trust website. The Biodynamic Land Trust Limited is a charitable Community Benefit Society. You can join as a member by buying withdrawable shares, which will help us buy farm land. Our first land purcahse was  Brambletye Fields for leasing to Tablehurst Community Farm, Forest Row, Susssex.  We supporting as partners the Stockwood Community Benefit Society buy out of Rush Farm,  a family BD farm near Redditch in the heart of England in the Midlands. This website invites you to follow the progress of the 2-3 pilot farm buyout projects. You can also respond with your thoughts, questions and experience. Case studies of different ways of securing biodynamic farms are welcome from around the world. Please feel free to suggest links and recommend this project to others. As Dolly said, learning is like muck: the more you spread it around, the more things grow!

Building Alliances‏

on Mon, 04/14/2014 - 09:42

There is a tendency, in any circle of people, for the construct of an 'us' and 'them' delineation. 

Playground squabbles, family factions and wars are based on this construct. In agricultural groups, these lines may be drawn between biodynamic and organic practitioners, use of hybrid seeds or open pollinated varieties, hand milkers or machine milkers, conventional or unconventional. The list goes on, yet the pattern is the same.


These distinctions serve to reassure us that our methods are better, that our identity - in standing behind whatever clain - is secure.

Cooperation or Competition? Brilliant exploration of options for Co-Op Farms

on Thu, 03/27/2014 - 08:39

Excellent article explaining what could lie ahead for the 70,000 acres of farm land which the Co-Operative Group plans to sell off. 


Given that 35% of land in Great Britain hasn't changed hands in the last 90 years, this sale is a real opportunity to give momentum to shifting the landscape of  UK farming. Let's hope the Co-Op group is able to realise its value of comuunity cooperation come rain or shine.


Read the article at The Ecologist here.


Workshop on Land Access

on Sun, 03/23/2014 - 17:41


In February I was invited to give a workshop to the final year biodynamic apprentices on land, as part of their seminar weekend on economics.

The Biodynamic Apprenticeship is run on over 20 biodynamic farms and gardens across the UK. It offers participants a two year programme of practical land work interspersed with seminars to top up theoretical knowledge of how a biodynamic holding sits within an ecosystem. Seminars cover diverse themes such as animal phenomenology, genius loci and weather forecasting.

The economics seminar offers the opportunity for apprentices to deepen their