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We are a charitable community benefit society, established to secure land into trust for healthy and sustainable farming and gardening. Let's secure land into trust together, for a working and living countryside.

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DEVON UPDATE: Huxham’s Cross Farm was launched on 10th October at a packed Dartington Village Hall. Marina O'Connell presented the farm design, and how the bare orphan land will be transformed. You are invited to invest in the Farm Share Offer, for barn raising for the farm. Full details of the NEW SHARE OFFER TO RAISE A BARN here.

STROUD UPDATE! Lot 3 Hammonds Farm is ours to develop! Thank you everyone - the funding package is now complete. Development is continuing in bringing together a group of farmers and growers and the land use planning and design will take place over the next two months.

Please complete the community survey – link below. We are interested in your views and getting a wide response about products and services that interest the local community. ….. read more

Also, if you live in Stroud and walk in the Uplands/Hawkwood area please give us your observations on how wind and weather affects this land via our land survey form. ….. read more

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